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’Merci’ with a difference…
The rich and varied historical heritage of (...)
Carnival Time in France Youpi, (...)
The Easter Omelette The Easter (...)
Fete de l’Ours et carnaval de Prats de (...)
Fete de la Belle Epoque The "Belle Epoque" (...)
Fete de la Musique - June Every year (...)
September Fete de Mailly - Port Vendres (...)
Fete de Mailly - Port Vendres September In (...)
Feux de la Saint Jean In the fifth (...)
LA CASTANYADA 1st November Here in (...)
Pancake Day in France 2nd February (...)
La Fête des Rois (Three Kings Day) The (...)
La Toussaint (All Saints Day) - Festival of (...)
La Trobada La Trobada du Canigou A (...)
Lundi de Pentecôte (Whit Monday) in France (...)
Midsummer Madness - Els Focs de la Sant Jean (...)
Pessebres vivants .... real people acting (...)
Pessebres vivants .... real people acting (...)
International dog team racing The (...)
November 25th La Sainte Catherine (...)
December The AFM Telethon (l’Association
The Canigou race - Vernet-les-Bains At (...)


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Here are the most read articles in this section:-

  • La Chandeleur - February
    Pancake Day in France 2nd February ‘Fête de la Chandeleur’ Apart from the well known Mardi Gras, the nearest French equivalent to Pancake Day is the ‘Fête de la Chandeleur’ (Candlemas), also known as ’Fête de la Lumière’, or ’jour des (...) read more...

  • La galette des rois - December
    La Fête des Rois (Three Kings Day) The French tradition of serving a frangipane filled tart known as the ’galette des rois’ (or the gateau des rois in the South of France) on, or around the 6th January, (the first Sunday of each New Year) actually dates back to the 14th century. (...) read more...

  • Feux de la Saint Jean
    Feux de la Saint Jean In the fifth century the Church placed the longest day of the year under the sign of Saint John the Baptist. Despite it’s beginnings in Christianity, that date is linked with ancient practices and white magic For example, the curative powers of local herbs (...) read more...

  • La Toussaint (All Saints Day)
    La Toussaint (All Saints Day) - Festival of the dead. November 1st La Toussaint in France (All Saint’s Day) was originally created by the Catholic Church to honour the poor old saints and martyrs who didn’t have their own holy day. Rather sneakily, it was also believed (...) read more...

  • Carnaval time in France (February/March)
    Carnival Time in France Youpi, it’s carnival time! February and March see carnival processions all over the P-O – fancy dress, street parades, fireworks, singing, dancing.....along with the symbolic burning of evil spirits - but the origins of these celebrations, ending (...) read more...

  • Fete de Mailly - Port Vendres
    September Fete de Mailly - Port Vendres In commemoration of the placing of the first stone of the Obélisque in Port Vendres, on the orders of the Maréchal de France, comte de Mailly, the Fete de Mailly will be held on Sunday 17th September. The day will begin with a fancy dress (...) read more...

  • Lundi de Pentecôte (Whit Monday) in France
    Lundi de Pentecôte (Whit Monday) in France Whit Monday (Pentecost Monday) in English, le Lundi de Pentecôte in French, this day is usually the last of four public holidays in May, this year (2015) on the 25th. In fact, it is a ’movable feast’ in the Christian calendar, (...) read more...

  • The AFM Telethon - December
    December The AFM Telethon (l’Association Française contre les Myopathies et les maladies neuromusculaires) The AFM Telethon has become France’s major fund-raising event. Contact your local Mairie or tourist office to find out details of events in your area. Purpose Behind the (...) read more...

  • Pessebres vivants
    Pessebres vivants .... real people acting out Living Nativity Scenes. El Pessebre is a representation of the Nativity Story. As in many countries, the Catalans have a Christmas tradition of creating a Crib Scene with the Shepherds, Wise Men, Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus, a (...) read more...

  • The Canigou race (August)
    The Canigou race - Vernet-les-Bains At the beginning of the twentieth century, well before the introduction of fridges and freezers into the region, inhabitants of Vernet les Bains used to climb high into the mountain, and cut blocks of ice from the hillside which they loaded onto their (...) read more...

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