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Monday 9th - Tuesday 10th February 2015




Prats de Mollo CarnivalFollowing directly on from the Bear Festival, Prats-de-Mollo entertain you with a fun day of carnival in the streets. (Various traditions described below)



10h00..... *Mascarade (Traditional procession through the town)
11h00..... Sardanes (Place d’Armes)

15h00.....**“Encadenat” (costume parade through town)

16h00......Bull fight (Traditional costume fight with cow)
16h30 .....***Ball de la Posta” (Traditional dance with a wooden plank)
18h00 ......Sardanes (Place Josep de la Trinxeria)
22h00 .... Fancy Dress Ball Midnight...Traditional marching with Prats de Mollo “ladder” (Foyer Rural)

10TH FEBRUARY: Mardi Gras
11h00 Sardanes* (Place Trinxeria)
15h00 Bal d’enfants (Foyer Rural)
18h00 Sardanes* (Place d’Armes)
22h00 Grand bal de clôture Minuit Tió tió
01h30 Incinération de Sa Majesté Carnaval Mercredi


Bal de la Posta*Mascarade
The children of the village dress up in white and cover their faces in flour, after which they parade through the streets making as much noise as possible, banging on pans and bin lids with anything that they can get their hands on!

*Encadenat (link up)
Exactly what it sounds like! Young and old, dressed in flamboyant and colourful costumes, join together to form a long line as they dance through the streets of the town, conga-like!

*Ball de la Posta.
The ’posta’ is a plank of 1m50 long and 30cm wide, which a picture of a pretty girl at one end, representing the virgin, and a devil on the other side. Dancers range themselves in couples opposite the carrier of la posta and his colleague who carries a wooden sword. The dancers advance three times, in couples, towards the armed pair. The first time they bow, the second time the lady must kiss the face on the posta, choosing devil or virgin, and the third time, she gets a smack on the bottom with the plank! In olden days, this dance was a judgement on vice and virtue!

This takes place during the masked ball on the Tuesday evening. Dressed in white, covered in flour, and equipped with a lit candle, participants dance round in a circle and try to set the person in front alight!!!!! The ’le porteur du balai’ is on hand to put any unfortunates out with his broom! (Tio means log and is actually represented by a roll of paper stuck on the back of each dancer. It is this that they try to set alight rather than the whole person!!)

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