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Saturday 30th - Sunday 31st May 2015 - Céret

La fete de la Cerise

Ceret cherry festival




The annual cherry festival in Céret is a colourful weekend of stone spitting, music, dancing and entertainment in the streets, not to mention the inventive recipes involving cherries served up in the local restaurants.... or why not try a glass of cherry beer, cherry wine, cherry pie, cherry pasty, cherry burger, cherries on toast, cherries with spam........?




Cherry festival, Ceret

10h00 - 13h - Official opening of the cherry festival followed by the Parade of the ’bandas’, in front of cafés Pablo and France
14h30 - Catalan dancing with « Alegria » in the streets
15h30 - Cherry stoning competition (front of town hall)
16h00 - Cherry stone spitting contest! (place des arcades)
17h30 - bands
1830 - Apero with concert from the ’bandas’ in the place de la Liberté
20h30 - Concert at the Eglise Saint Piere with wind band’The Palace’



- Opening of the cherry market
11h - Choreographed show with castellers
16h - Cherry stoning and spitting competition, Castells, Sardane......
17h - closing of the festival, sardane and bal in front of the Arcades


Cherry festival, CeretALL WEEKEND

CoolShop windows decorated with a cherry theme
CoolCéret school children present their painting
CoolRestaurants offer cherry based menus and cafés serve the latest ’cherry beer’
CoolLocal products for sale with cherry base
CoolChildren’s area with bouncy castle, candy floss...
CoolFree ’little train’ taking you into and out of the centre of Ceret throughout the festival. Leaves from the bridge from 10h to 12h30 and 14h - 18h.



For more details, ring the Office du Tourisme on 04 68 87 00 53



Excerpts from Kate’s online diary 2005 (over a 7 day period)

Céret Cherry FestivalWent into Céret today - I make it sound like a trek but it’s only 5 minutes away from Maureillas - and there were cherry stalls absolutely everywhere. Just ordinary people like you and me who had set stalls up in their garages, gardens, on the pavement, in front of their house - just everywhere. Personally, I’m cherry-bound (a little like egg-bound but more comfortable I would imagine) and am getting a bit bored with cherry pie, cherry tart, cherries in liqueur, cherry pasty, cherries on toast, baked cherries, fried cherries, grilled cherries, cherry paté, cherry sundae, cherry quiche, cherries with spam.......

.......cherry rissoles, cherry pizza, coq aux cherries, cherry burgers, cherry stew, cherries à la king.....!

Tonight we went round to the other neighbours for the ’apero’ They brought out Catalan beer for us to try with an alcohol percentage of 13! I was very controlled and only had 2 bottles as I’m still drying out from last night’s red wine excesses. They have installed a new fireplace which burns with compacted sawdust pellets! No smoke, no smell or fumes, ecologically sound and apparently very economical as well as providing a topic of conversation amongst the men which lasted an hour. It just looked like a fireplace to me but apparently it’s some new technology which is taking the fireplace world by storm! When we left, they very kindly gave a a large carrier bag of cherries.....

....cherry casserole, cherry fritters, cherry purée, barbequed cherries, braised cherries, steamed cherries....

Today is ’la fete de la cerise’ in Céret and there are giant plastic cherries adorning the streets. To start off this festival day, another neighbour obviously felt that I was in need of extra vitamins due to my short stature, and very kindly presented me with a large basket of cherries..... and Brigitte next door brought me round some of her home made cherry jam. The plot thickens....

The Fete de la cerise yesterday was my worst nightmare - cherries everywhere! To add insult to injury, we came home from the festival last night to find a plastic bag and a colander full of cherries on the doorstep, left by an anonymous donor! Rest assured! I have several suspects and will be conducting a full enquiry.

Anyway, back to the cherry festival. There was an area for children with acro-bungy, a superb thing in which children, even the very small, are put into a harness and, using trampolines to bounce on, can jump up 6 or 7 metres or more. There were of course stalls everywhere selling cherries, cherry stoning contests, cherry stone spittings contests, cherry beer and all types of cherry patisserie. Cherry jams, cherry pancakes, cherry trees, cherry cakes........ uh oh, here I go again! The festival continues today but I really can’t face another day surrounded by the dastardly red terror. Can you freeze cherries? Does anybody know? (Does anybody care?)

The phantom cherryman has struck again with a basket of cherries and two jars of jam left on the doorstep! I’ve narrowed it down to an Intermarché shopper due to the plastic bag and will shortly be carrying out handwriting analysis on the jam label: I will leave no (cherry) stone unturned!

I woke up to a lovely surprise this morning. One of the local cherry farmers who we know vaguely and who always stops to say hello very kindly brought round a bucket of cherries......... What a nice man!!!
Anybody like a cherry?

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